How will our business benefit from hiring a Purchasing or Supply Chain Specialist?

The answer is simple: “They add (more) value to the company’s bottom line and improve your competitiveness in the marketplace.”

Professionally trained Purchasing and Supply Chain specialists do more than simply buy and supply items, commodities or services for the companies and organizations that employ them. Intelligent specialists know that there’s more value to be realized in reviewing the entire supply chain process – than simply focusing solely on the “best price” or “best buy.” Purchasers can, and should be, involved in all the intricate steps within the supply chain cycle from initial planning and specification development, to determining material requirements, to raw material acquisition, usage, and its ultimate (safe) disposal.

Companies cannot simply raise prices these days to cover unforeseen supply or manufacturing problems or vendor increases. The successful control and management of all costs has a direct effect on your bottom line profitability and competitiveness within the global marketplace.

Accountants are responsible for accurately identifying and reporting what you’ve spent after you’ve already spent it. Buyers are responsible for intelligently identifying, evaluating, sourcing, negotiating and ultimately reporting on goods and services before you acquire them.

Today’s qualified supply practitioners, depending on their job function may assist in:

  • Examining products and services.
  • Assessing a supplier’s production and distribution capabilities.
  • Fostering vendor development and partnership.
  • Contract writing and negotiations.
  • Tracking market conditions, price trends, and futures markets.
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities and implementing savings plans.
  • Initiating successful purchasing policies and their ongoing development.
  • Work process mapping and development.
  • Coaching and mentoring purchasing and supply chain staff.
  • Developing internal controls for purchasing procedures.
  • Designing strategic directions for the procurement department.
  • Project management.
  • Merger and acquisition consolidation.
  • Outsourcing planning and execution.

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