What TMA can do for your business.

We offer a complete portfolio of fully managed solutions to your procurement and supply chain staffing problems. Depending on your requirements, our recruitment process may include:

Finding and recruiting staff of the precise caliber required for effective Purchasing and Supply Chain operations is no longer a matter of simply “dangling” an ad on various media, web sites, or using recruiters who don’t understand or specialize in this unique field of endeavor.

Our staff has practical hands on experience both in the field of Purchasing and Supply Chain management. Tim’s knowledge and background also includes previous working experience with the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). Today, he continues to work with and for many members and practitioners in this unique profession.

This initial discussion, is either conducted by phone or in person with the Hiring Manager and/or Human Resources, and is a confidential and frank discussion of your needs, the ideal candidate profile, job description, the hiring process, and recommended timeframe. A detailed analysis of the employer, industry and recruitment specific requirements are determined. This may include a review of your products and services, commodities or services purchased (both direct and indirect spend), key and emerging markets, major customers, suppliers, and competitors. Future company direction and strategic recruitment requirements – both immediate and in the next 6 months to a year, may be discussed. Past hiring and staffing experiences for this area may also be covered. This will yield further insights on sources of potential candidates, and identify any red flags that might prevent TMA or your firm from making a successful hire.

This is developed on a complimentary basis, after which our Recruitment Agreement is forwarded to the client for approval and execution. (Signed off and returned to TMA.)

Research, Candidate Sourcing, and Pre-Screening

After receipt of our approved Agreement, a project team is assembled to identify and establish a profile or blueprint of the ideal candidate. Similarly, based on the information received during the consultation process, TMA will develop a list of companies which have the highest probability of employing candidates of the caliber your firm seeks. Since TMA focuses solely on procurement and supply chain professionals, utilizing our extensive industry contacts, proprietary databases, internet site, and other media developed over ten years; we will CONFIDENTIALLY promote your opportunity, and research and source all possible candidates. Each appropriate candidate is contacted, screened and an assessment made by our team for skill set, interest, acumen, education, experience and preliminary “fit.”

Candidate Identification, Presentation, and Interview

We present you with a portfolio of select candidates who meet or exceed your requirements and have passed the initial screening, based on a number of different selection criteria. We help you select candidates for the first interview, then arrange for interviews at a time convenient to you, preparing both sides before and de-briefing after. Dependent upon your needs, send – out materials on your firm and position may be offered to selected candidates before the initial interview. From the first round of interviews, we work with you to create a short list of candidates for second interviews.

Final Selection and Offer Development

By this stage, we would have narrowed the field down with you to several highly qualified individuals to proceed further with. Thorough and comprehensive reference checking can be done at this time. TMA has it’s own proprietary screening and reference checking process, developed over ten years of experience. We literally supply you with one of the industry’s most comprehensive intelligence gathering and decision making reports. (FOUR pages of VERBATIM responses, per reference that we speak to). We supply you with everything. Contact name, title, employer, contact numbers, current/past relationship with our candidate, opinions on myriad key areas of interest: strengths, weaknesses, “fit” toward your position, communication, thinking, technical skills, work habits…the works ! Finally, we assist you in putting together an intelligent offer that your lead candidate would appreciate and consider.

Offer Negotiations

We can convey your offer to the lead candidate, either verbally or in writing, although we highly recommend a formal, written offer, so the candidate firmly appreciates your seriousness. We follow up and listen for any hindrances and answer any questions which we may be able to clarify from earlier conversations with the employer. Any questions which are not immediately cleared up are discussed with you, our client for clarification. This continues until both sides are in agreement.

Resignation and Follow up

In this final stage we coach the candidate through the resignation stage and possible counter-offers. We then follow up on all details, to ensure a flawless transition to your organization.