Employer Testimonials

Tim, the candidate that you sent in for an interview this morning left both myself and the President absolutely speechless (in a positive way).. A great fit and then some! Thank you!

Global custom manufacturing firm, producing display and storage systems

I strongly suggest you contact Tim Moore, the best Supply Chain Management recruiting firm in Canada Tim Moore Associates. They are TOP NOTCH and I am sure they can assist you with your needs.

BILL KOWAL, Manager - Supply Chain
AMEC Americas Limited

I do hope we will have another chance to work together. You are certainly one of the most reputable recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. You are a true professional and possess integrity and class; a trait I have found absent in many professionals in your field.


I personally want to thank you for your dedication to this project. I believe the candidates you presented were excellent. Thank you.

Ann Ferguson
Human Resource Generalist

Tim, THANK YOU for sending us two AMAZING candidates!

Catherine Belcastro
Human Resources Coordinator, Executive Assistant to the President
Oxford University Press

Tim, you were really terrific in helping us with the search and can't thank you enough for all of your efforts. I know that we will be able to count on you in the future.

HR Director, fast food powerhouse in Canada

Yippee!! Thanks so much for helping to get us here-you have been a delight to work with.

M.O., Director of Human Resources
a Crown corporation.

Hi Tim! Thanks for your note. Your candidate is doing fabulously!. I'll know more shortly as to which groups will be growing, actual titles, etc. Please feel free to check back with me!


Thank you Tim. Your candidate has proved to be a great fit for our group, and we're quite pleased with him.


Researching the marketing for the leading Purchasing and Supply Chain recruitment agencies, Tim Moore Associates name came up as being one of the most reputable organizations in Canada.

R. Spornicu

Your Supply candidate is doing great! I spoke with the hiring Manager and everyone is very happy with him. Thanks again for helping us find such a great candidate.

Aerospace related firm

Tim, this has been a very interesting exercise and has shaped my thinking a lot over the last few weeks - you have made this an easy and informative process. Thank you.

Major CEO and owner of a plastics firm
Revitalizing the Supply area to increase customer service, ensure proper supply, and implement best practices.

‘We are excited to have Colin join the ITW team. I would like to thank you for your assistance and speedy work on this project. Very much appreciated. I do know who to call now should I have another Supply Chain job in the future. Thanks again Tim!’

Brenda Henry
Human Resources Manager
ITW Construction Products Canada

Tim, we have been searching for someone ourselves for over TWO months. To be honest with you, we've tried print ads, the internet, another recruiter,internal referrals, external referrals, amd our HR dept., everything, with terrible results and a complete waste of time. Thank goodness we called someone that specializes in the recruitment of Supply Chain professionals, and has a reach right across Canada - like TMA.

Micah B.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you Tim for another successful search. You've recruited us a great Supply Chain team. As for their skills they're worth every penny. A great group of candidates with great skill sets. They fit right in! Thank you again and I will give you a call when I am back East.

Bryan Walker

While at PMAC, I was always pleased with the services you provided PMAC and its members. I felt you were totally dedicated to the Association, its members, and their well being and success. The many positive letters and personal comments I received spoke highly of the services you provided.

Ivan Fraser, past Executive Vice President, Purchasing Management Association of Canada

Tim, we have reached an agreement with your candidate! Very well done Timwell done to all of us. We've got a very good match here and I'd like to thank you, for your help, in making this all happen. I don't have to reiterate our ``experience`` going through (name withheld, a job board site) and working our own network and ``stuff`` like that. We're very pleased with your match here, and I know the candidate is too. So, you'll probably get a call from her as well, I'm sure! Well, thank you again Tim, and I'm sure that we'll be speaking to each other again soon.`` Have a great weekend.

Director of Finance, Major cosmetic related organization.
(Brief transcript of telephone testimonial)

I wanted to take a moment to comment on the recruitment services you provide and how it has impacted on my search for a candidate. We had posted an opportunity on a couple of free internet job search services, and yours -for which we paid a fee. I was surprised at first at the low number of potential applicants' resumes you forwarded to me, especially when compared with well over 100 resumes received as a result of the free services. However, after reviewing all resumes, I was again surprised that of those few you sent me, I had selected the majority of them as potential candidates. They had backgrounds and experience more closely suited to the position I was trying to fill. We did ultimately hire one of your candidates who is doing quite well. I found those people that I have met for the job from you to be very well qualified for the position.

I would not hesitate to recommend that my company use your services again in the future, and I would certainly recommend you to other companies looking for employees in the procurement and supply chain field. Where I first thought you lacked in quantity, you more than made up for by providing me with some quality choices, in a quick time frame.

Cimco Frigeration

Thank you for your informative and up to date presentation. I enjoyed it. A number of other members expressed similar comments. The topic is important to everyone. TMA is the ONLY agency that I know of who can provide assistance and guidance to the purchasing professional. You understand our requirements, are able to meet the employer's need and the end results are happy customers.

Rita, Shared Healthcare Supply Services

EVEN FROM FELLOW RECRUITERS! I wanted to write and thank you for the resumes you forwarded to my attention. Our clients were looking for a Purchasing Coordinator, an individual with Purchasing experience from the Food Processing sector. You were able to identify 6 resumes which you felt would meet the specifications for the job almost immediately. From the list, we identified two candidates both of whom we interviewed. An offer of employment was extended to one of the candidates and accepted. My client was most pleased with the outcome and the quality of the candidates. I wanted to pass along my thanks and gratitude for making my life that much easier. Your service is prompt and fast. You also provide quality candidates. In today's world who could ask for anything more.

Matt H., Principal

Tim, I am writing this letter to thank you again for the speedy and professional manner with which you fulfilled our request for a Purchasing Agent candidate. He is now on our payroll and getting our department back on track after an unexpected vacancy occurred in that department. Our choice was a difficult one as the candidates you supplied were ALL very capable of filling this position. Your screening and reference checking were very thorough and helped us in making our final decision.

This need occurred at a very busy time of the year and your services saved the personnel involved a valuable amount of time, therefore lessening the cost of filling this position with employee hours and classified advertising. I appreciated your constant follow up and your availability to answer any questions or concerns I had. I have not had this quality of service from other employment services that I have come into contact with over the many years I have been involved in the Human Resources field. I would highly recommend your services to any prospective client and wish you continued success in the future.

Wedlock Paper Converters Limited, Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Tim, Thank you for all your hard efforts in our search for the right candidate!! We really don't use agencies/recruiters often, in fact, in my almost two years at WellSpring, you are only the second recruiter we used to fill a permanent position. Your level of service was great, you presented candidates to me quickly, you took the time to understand what I was looking for, and you kept me in the loop on what was happening on your end. (That, for me, was extremely important so I could keep my hiring manager informed.)

We initially tried to recruit the role on our own. It was unsuccessful, so while at a HRPA conference, I sought out recruiters who specialized in Materials Management/Supply Chain to perhaps consider helping me in my search. That was unsuccessful TOO! I then received a cordial call from one of your Associates, and when she said you specialize strictly in Supply Chain recruitment I thought, hey, I'll give them a call back and see what they have to say.

After you and I had our initial conversation, I was impressed by your enthusiasm and that's when I decided to go ahead with TMA. I would definitely consider working with you again in the future.