Demand for Executive and Senior Supply professionals driving salaries up

Nine new supply opportunities have been launched over the past few days and inquiries from employers continue to flood into TMA. “We’re noticing a definite spike before the holidays, much earlier than in prior years,’ exclaims Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates.

“Typically, we’re in a mad rush at the start of January, from clients whose fiscal year follows the calendar one, and budgets become unlocked and new orders for supply talent are received from right across Canada. However we’re busy right now, and will be straight through the holidays. As the economy improves – driven by the oil and gas, exploration, and construction sectors, we’re seeing a return of the higher paying Executive and Senior Supply professional levels that were largely ‘stripped out’ during the recession. TMA currently has an opening for a Procurement Manager which will easily exceed $ 225,000 by the time you factor in a substantial base salary, generous bonus, and other privileges;” adds Tim.

As a result, we’ve added a new desk to concentrate efforts on those orders from the EPC and EPCM sectors – Engineering, Procurement, Construction (and Management). This follows a recent expansion into the oil and gas, natural resources and exploration arenas at TMA. If you’re from either of these unique areas of procurement (within or beyond Canada’s borders) you should contact TMA and introduce yourself.

“Yes Christmas has come a little early this year and all of our Elves (Les, Nancy, and Kathy) will be working overtime over the holidays to fill these orders and prepare for the next wave which will follow, at the beginning of the New Year,” adds Tim.

If you haven’t registered with TMA you should do so via our website at; as not all of our jobs are posted, for various reasons. If you have registered, kindly ensure that we have your latest, most up to date resume on hand, just in case. Send your updated information (new cell numbers, e-mail addresses, job duties, educational credits, resume) to

All the very best of the holiday season and our sincere wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year. Please click here for our annual Christmas card!