Keeping hot as we move into Autumn

We’re kicking off the “fall” issue of the newsletter with two new jobs. Like many of our clients, the TMA office is getting back into full swing after lengthy vacations, systems upgrades, weddings, and we’re ready to go!

Late summer was a bit of a slow period, but an excellent time to “re-tool” and improve – just like you should be doing with an updated resume. Add that new cell phone number, mention those additional supply chain courses or seminars you’ve taken, fine tune your ACHIEVEMENTS area, underneath each employer. And don’t forget; kindly send your new and improved resume to so we can add it to your confidential file, here at TMA.

Two of today’s postings (JOB797 / 798) are perfect for those Supply practitioners versed in professional services, facilities, real estate, project management, construction, bidding and tendering – the works! The latest position (JOB799) requires someone versed in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and outsourced contract manufacturing for a client needing expertise in a wide variety of electronic end products like optical scanners, readers, communication devices, etc.

Finally, don’t forget to mark your calendars in December for ‘Webinars Wednesdays’, an education partnership between Tim Moore Associates and the Supply Chain Management Association Ontario (SCMAO), available globally. In three convenient one hour sessions, Tim will be covering the basics of career planning, effective resume design, developing career connections, and how to transition into other functional areas within the supply chain, to supercharge your career. These 3 webinars were specifically designed with the Supply Chain practitioner in mind.

So, brush up and send in your updated resumes to TMA and stay tuned for more information about Webinar Wednesdays!