Market for Supply professionals expanding

“The employment market for Supply professionals is expanding right across Canada, as employers attempt to populate levels that were previously trimmed (or eliminated) during the recession,” according to Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates.

“We’ve noticed a nice resurgence in the senior and executive level jobs in the $ 100K –
$150K+ range; but those in the entry level and junior supply professional – $ 40K to $45K range are starting to ‘kick’ as well. “ Executive level (supply) hiring in some firms was reduced and reorganized, and replacements not hired for retirement as a cost and hiring freeze saving, and their workload pushed down to lower levels.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, entry level supply hiring tended to switch to a completely internal function of the HR department, with added emphasis on getting ‘anyone’ and then relying on outside educational and ‘on the job’ training, to fill in the supply knowledge gaps, once a candidate was onboard.

“As the economy improves, clients now have an urgent need for entry and junior level supply professionals – who won’t take one or two years to get up to speed and start producing results; and they also realize the danger in hiring just anyone and throwing them into the supply chain function,” Moore added.