More flexibility seen as demand for Supply professionals increase

Today’s supply chain job bulletin focuses on 4 jobs at TMA.

Two are situated in beautiful areas of B.C. (Victoria and Kamloops) one in Woodbridge Ontario, just north west of Toronto, the final job, situated in Eastern Ontario approx 60 minutes east of Toronto.

“It’s an interesting change in perspective nowadays”, adds Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates. “There used to be a tendency for years that public sector clients would dictate a restriction for ONLY public procurement trained candidates to be recruited and introduced, very often overlooking excellent private sector talent.” <i>”They don’t know the comprehensive bidding and tendering process, or other restrictions we have”</i> is what you’d tend to hear consistently from public sector clients.

Conversely, private sector clients felt that public sector candidates were too differently trained and perhaps used to a little ‘less hectic’ working environment and therefore unsuitable for todays ‘fast paced’ manufacturing or service entities. “Frankly, nothing could be further from the real truth; with crown corporations and public sector firms reinventing themselves and trying to squeeze absolutely the very most out of every taxpayer’s penny invested”, adds Tim. They’re simply two sides of the same procurement coin, each with many cross transferable skills; that would benefit one another.

Oftentimes public sector clients are looking to revitalize and bring more entrepreneurial skills, transformation and change management abilities to their (long) established procurement systems, in order to (similarly to private firms), save costs, increase efficiencies, and even attain best in class status.

“I also know of many private sector clients – such as those in oil and gas, exploration, construction and the like, that would greatly benefit from those seasoned public sector (bidding and tendering ) gurus as well.” remarked Tim. It’s nice to see that more clients (regardless of whether they’re in the public or private sector), are asking for a blend of public and private sector experience in their professionally trained supply practitioners.

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