No Supply Chain Status Quo at TMA!

No matter what your opinion may be of the election Stateside, it’s certainly not ‘status quo’ at Tim Moore Associates. While the global markets slid today on jitters of a potential end of the year fiscal cliff (tax increases and spending cuts) for the U.S. economy; orders continue to come in for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals from right across Canada.

"We continue to have a strong demand for supply professionals in the oil and gas, mining, and hi tech sectors and anticipate it to continue into 2013; especially with individuals with Contract Management experience who lead the pack," according to Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates.

Despite the political turmoil which may cause hesitation in the economic markets toward the end of the year, TMA sees an increase in orders for Supply professionals into the new year. We are continuing to advise candidates to update their resumes and ensure that we have their most up to date versions available, to take immediate advantage of orders as they come in. Candidates are asked to send their resumes to

"Those with strong contract management backgrounds, no matter what sector their experience is in, should send me their resumes directly to", Tim added.