November Tips and Careers

Our bulletin confirms an earlier trend

First reported in our Summer edition, for Supply professionals with Manufacturing and Engineering perspectives. Our latest Manufacturing Engineer opportunity is for a returning client located in the Ottawa area (Job – 880). Similar roles are for a Manufacturing Engineering Manager in Barrie (job – 857), and a Plastics Resin Buyer in Toronto (job – 868), ideally with a Chemical Engineering perspective, familiar with compounds such as HDPE, PP, PCABS, TFO, TPV nylon, fillers, compounds, you name it!

“The economy is quite robust and firms continue to scramble to upgrade procurement systems, processes, and acumen in their Supply Chain departments” adds Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates. “Again, the biggest difference, is that we’re gaining multiple orders within the same company, as firms are growing rapidly and making strategic improvements in the Supply area, whilst others are dealing with retirement issues.” (Also reported in recent interviews with Tim Moore in both Supply Chain and Purchasing B2B magazines – October editions).

“We’re also noticing a strong uptick in short term, temporary, and contract roles, as firms are eagerly trying to put Supply processes and cost savings improvements into place to deal with the new increasing demands for their products and services – without necessarily adding to their permanent head count”, according to Tim.

TIP #1

IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED for short term roles, kindly send a brief email to with an MS WORD formatted copy of your resume attached. Add “SHORT TERM, TEMPORARY, and/or CONTRACT ROLES“, to your email’s subject line to alert us of your interest to be added to our exclusive and confidential list for consideration. Don’t forget to STILL ‘click through’ and apply online for these jobs via our website however, as well!

Check out our website at TimMooreAssociates for additional information on the many jobs we have available in the Supply Chain field. We’re getting orders for Supply professionals from right across Canada. Our website’s offerings has shown a great diversity of requirement for Supply Chain talent…from a Master Capacity Planner to Manager, Inventory Planning and Replenishment, and from numerous industry sectors such as food, HVAC, electronics, consumer products and much more!

TIP #2

If you have registered with TMA and simply wish to update your confidential information and resume on file with us, kindly forward an MS WORD formatted resume to and mark the subject line of your email as “destroy old copies“. If you’d also like to update us on your (new) salary requirements, geographic preferences, and whether you’re ‘relocatable’ (for the right Supply Chain opportunity) as well, that would be greatly appreciated; simply mention it on your note, and we’ll place these aspects into your confidential file as well. (We do not discuss your salary needs with clients, that’s up to you to negotiate. We retain this information confidentially, so we can judge IF a posted job is worthy of your attention.)

Stay tuned for more procurement and supply chain related job opportunities from across Canada.