So who says the Canadian job market is in the doldrums

“Certainly not for talented Supply Chain professionals!” remarks Tim Moore of Tim Moore Associates. “In fact, we’ve just launched 8 new searches in the past few days, and I’m awaiting clarification on another 4 opportunities myself. The Western markets, driven by mining, exploration, and oil and gas clients continue to blaze the way, but the Ontario market is also continuing to improve as well.

On a different note however, we’re noticing longer search times endured by prospective clients before ultimately turning to TMA for assistance. Until recently, we’ve noticed an average 8 week period where firms will struggle to recruit supply professionals themselves before contacting TMA. This is now creeping closer to 9 weeks and beyond, research shows. And when they do engage our services, it’s clear that they want an immediate fill, and aren’t too interested in waiting to train a new hire, either. “The difference is that they’ll get flooded with responses from those active in the marketplace, perhaps responding to any and all opportunities; where we’ll be highly selective and also tap into those currently working, NOT active looking, highly specialized and very successful in what they do. They can hit the ground running and add immediate value, which can make a huge difference’ adds Tim.

Tim has been busy cultivating and identifying new supply ‘talent’ as well, by attending and speaking at various events such as the Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (OIPMAC)’s Career Fair; where he offered a session on ‘Resume Design’ (specifically for Supply professionals). “We followed it up nicely with a brand new offering: ‘Tips on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd interviews…’ which walked participants through the ‘Good, Bad and UGLY’ of the many interviewing methods they will encounter during their career, and how to best handle them. I’m hoping it will transition well into an expanded PMAC ‘webinar’ that we can beam right across Canada.

If you’re interested, ask your local PMAC Institute office for more details and to add you to the participant list,’ added Tim. Graduating MBA students from the Schulich School of Business at York University will also be hearing Tim speak this week.