Supply Chain vs. Value Chain

Despite some supply blockages and growing concern over possible hostilities in the Ukraine, the Supply Chain industry continues to move forward and shake off the long lingering affects of the COVID pandemic. Companies have long adjusted to new remote, hybrid, and ‘what pandemic?, business as usual’ working environments. What has increased dramatically is the demand for qualified procurement and supply chain professionals, no matter the industry – and a changing attitude from a lot of Supply practitioners as to whether or not they wish to return to ‘the norm’, preferring their new work at home or hybrid (only a couple of days in the office) routine. Some are preferring to leave for greener, more accommodating environments.

Employers have also been struggling to maintain a cohesive and sustainable working environment, with everyone moving in the same unified direction, when employees are far flung and cloistered, doing much of their own efforts remotely. Increasing salaries and expanded benefit packages, along with more flexible working environments for Supply practitioners have emerged to combat these changes and attract new talent.

However other changes have also surfaced. Increasing demands from the employer side, for more exacting qualifications and experience from prospective candidates. It’s no longer a matter of applicants just matching requirements; it’s a matter of “what is their value add? What do they bring – over and above our basic position needs?”

Supply practitioners looking for new job opportunities should consider moving from a Supply Chain perspective to more of a Value Chain approach. A Supply Chain represent the timely steps required to get the needed raw materials, product, or services to the end user for overall customer satisfaction.

A Value Chain is a set of interrelated activities or processes a company uses to add value to it’s raw materials, products or services to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

It’s no different when presenting yourself to a potential new employer, seeking a qualified and dynamic supply professional. It’s not only a matter that you’re qualified to fulfill their basic job requirements – it’s what do you bring to the table, over and above those fundamental needs. It’s your value-add.

Here’s a brief snapshot of some of the latest job opportunities we’re working on for Supply Chain professionals – who bring some value-add! Check out our entire listing at

For those of you specializing in Indirect Spend, our Job950 is for a Procurement Category Manager. Bring your knowledge of commodity category management, strategic sourcing, and project management skills. A candidate capable of not only developing new initiatives and cost saving processes, but also able to promote and convey those big picture improvements, required right across the Company’s North American footprint. (Don’t delay apply today!)

A food industry powerhouse has returned to TMA looking for Supply Chain Analysts – our Job965. This is a hybrid opportunity for someone willing to work 2 days/wk remotely, with the balance in their convenient Etobicoke office. This is a 12 month, contract opportunity, covering for a maternity leave (could develop into permanent, full time.) Bring your strong analytical and problem solving skills, along with (ideally) SAP or other software experience. Good interpersonal, conflict resolution and communication skills needed. An interesting role with a great company!

For those in the Ottawa area, we have a client looking for both a Senior Strategic Buyer and a Senior Buyer. (Our Job963 and Job964 respectively). Negotiate terms for the purchase of both direct and indirect goods for this major manufacturer. Optimize raw materials stock to help minimize risk of disruption and ensure continuous flow of materials for the production line. Maintain strong relationships with suppliers and help reduce costs and improve product and services delivered. Work closely with R+D for all New Product Development initiatives. Our client is offering relocation benefits as well.

For these and other Supply Chain job openings, please visit our website at

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Thank you, and stay tuned for more Supply Chain developments across Canada.


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