Most clients coming to TMA have already tried various other means to identify, source and cultivate qualified purchasing and supply chain candidates without luck.

They have been unsuccessful and the majority have already invested 8 to 10 WEEKS of their valuable time, efforts and MONEY in:

Expensive classified ads in the press

Ads in the press – whether local, regional or even a national “daily” can be quite expensive. In many cases, even a moderately sized two or three day ad can exceed the costs of going to a professional recruitment firm like Tim Moore and Associates. Ads in the press reach a broad range of candidates from myriad disciplines, background, and experiences (both inside and outside of procurement and supply chain areas) who are either unemployed or have some other motivation for applying. This is not a focused recruitment search, and responses tend to be limited and often inappropriate.

The results? Our clients save on the high price of advertising

Generalized internet job sites

Clients have also attempted this route before coming to us out of frustration. A very broad base of potential candidates is reached and a substantial response from candidates (at times) is actually received. The problem is in dealing with the response, and in spending weeks going through the results trying to identify who is, or is not, a qualified candidate. When “time is money” and you have a more immediate need, or when it’s “quality, not quantity” which matters – this may not be the best route. One of our clients looking for a “Traffic Specialist” actually received a resume submission from someone who’s experience was limited to painting lines on the road!

The results? Our clients save on the huge investment of time required to screen potential candidates.

Other recruiters or employment agencies

At times, clients have developed relationships with other Recruiters and Employment Agencies over the years. They feel a sense of loyalty because the Agency was successful in finding an Accountant or Sales Manager before, and that they will also be successful in finding a procurement and supply chain professional now. What’s worse, is that often the Agency will not have an in-depth knowledge of procurement and supply chain functions and try to advocate accepting a candidate of lesser background or varying qualifications than what’s really needed. Arguments for going this route are many: “We have an exclusive relationship with this ‘generalized’ recruiter”, “You’re not on our approved vendor list, but the other non specializing agency is.”

The results? Our clients receive a career specific and targeted approach to find seasoned, experienced, and knowledgeable supply chain professionals. Nothing else will do.

Your own company’s website

Career ads on your company’s own website may not attract professionally trained procurement and supply chain specialists you require. Our niche website draws responses predominately from professionals within this unique discipline -screening out the rest. Qualified candidates may not normally be drawn to your own site for these unique employment opportunities. This methodology is also not appropriate for confidential orders – or for those firms wishing to avoid being inundated with unproductive resumes, telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and actual individual “drop ins” (from non qualified candidates and other recruiters.)

The results? Our clients remain private and confidential with no intrusions by those unqualified or inappropriate who happen to be surfing the net. See our testimonials. Our services save your personnel an invaluable amount of time, therefore lessening the cost of filling positions with employee hours, ineffective classified advertising, unproductive internet searching, and other time consuming efforts. When making your supply chain recruitment and staffing needs known, and when “time is money;” make sure to specify that you want Tim Moore Associates involved – today!